Who We Are

Our aim is to advance current research efforts, interventions, and care for all neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) including Autism, ADHD, Tic Disorders, and OCD. Dr. Suma Jacob and Dr. Christine Conelea, with a full team of dedicated researchers, coordinators, and volunteers, come together to answer many questions about how neurodevelopmental disorders originate, how they progress, and how they can be treated.

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Our Approach

Our Approach

Interested in Participating?

We are currently running several studies related to neurodevelopment. Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Tic Disorder, OCD, ADHD, as well as those without a neurodevelopmental disorder can potentially participate! 

Click Here for list of our current studies. 

Click Here if you are interested in speaking with a team member.

Want to join our team?

If you would like to inquire about current  volunteer opportunities in our lab, please send us an email including: 

  • Most recent CV highlighting your experience and skills 
  • What you're hoping to gain from volunteering in our lab
  • When you're available to start 
  • Contact Information 

One of our coordinators will get back to you as opportunities become available 


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